"Poetry is a gentle river flowing through a rocky and mountainous landscape of prose."




John Hansen




I am a writer. A writer of poetry, short fiction stories (for adults and children), and the occassional article or essay supporting causes I feel passionate about or injustices I want to expose. 

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you find something to make your visit to my website a pleasant and worthwhile experience.

Writing Done to Order


Take a look around read some of the poetry and other writing highlighted on these pages.

If you like my writing style and think it would suit your needs I am available for hire as a writer.

I specialize in poetry which could be for a personalized greeting card, text of a children's picture book etc. Any other type of writing can and will be done in a professional and unique manner however.

If you wish to make a booking or request a quote just email me on the "ABOUT/contacts" page.

Beyond the realms of your imagination
Exists a world of wondrous things.
Amazement and adventure await you,
Unless you dare not dream.
Try to open your mind to the unknown,
Identify with the different and the unique.
Find beauty and joy in everything around you.
Utter no cruel or hurtful words, and above all
Love life, and live it to the fullest.




This website contains samples of my writing, my thoughts about writing or world events and upcoming projects. You may find links to helpful resources and occassionally a guest blogger may be asked to contribute an article or poem of interest.